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London Design Week 2019 at Design Centre
August 2019

When it comes to creating a dynamic space, scale and proportion can be just as powerful as style and colour. These building blocks lay the foundation for the visual narrative and bring cohesive direction to every project. Join interior designer Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Christopher Peacock of his eponymous luxury cabinetry company and award-winning sculptor David Harber, along with Galerie editor in chief Jacqueline Terrebonne, for a lively discussion on this dynamic topic. The internationally renowned panel, who work on both sides of the pond, touch on transatlantic commonalities and differences, historic and modern influences, plus how an emphasis on craftsmanship and a tailor-made approach brings a unique personality to their projects no matter the size.

To listen to the full talk visit the link and view "The Balancing Act".

Christopher Peacock's leaps of faith
August 2019

After a picturesque childhood in England and a brief career as a drummer, Christopher Peacock chanced into the cabinetry business and he hasn't looked back since. The company he founded in 1992 has been through some twists and turns, but today it's stronger than ever, with nine showrooms and a booming commercial sideline. On this episode of the Business of Home podcast, Peacock shares the incredible story of how his company survived the 2008 recession, why he's been vertically integrated from day one, and how became known as the inventor of the white kitchen. This episode is sponsored by Universal Furniture.