Made In America

Christopher Peacock grew up surrounded by British building and carpentry. His Father, Grandfather and several Uncles were all part of the “old school” building trade, where serving a long standing apprenticeship was a necessary part of becoming a fully fledged craftsman. Although never a carpenter himself, Christopher had a passion for drawing and his creative and visual talents forged a lifelong passion for design.


He has always believed that he should control the process of making his own cabinetry from beginning to end, never wanting to entrust the process to others. Beginning with a small workshop in Connecticut, which he soon outgrew, he moved his workshop to a small town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains in the town of Wardensville, West Virginia.


Since those early days the workshop has grown considerably and to this day every cabinet is still made to order and built specifically for individual clients. Starting with raw lumber, each part is carefully milled, formed and assembled to create furniture of the highest standards. Hand selected timbers along with proper joinery techniques are used to make each cabinet. All of this adds up to a quality of product that is second to none.


Needless to say the workshop team are proud that their cabinetry is sent around the world. Christopher Peacock’s reputation for making the finest cabinetry available precedes him and the entire Peacock team are proud to say that their cabinetry is made (and will always be made) in the United States of America.