The Lambourne Collection

My inspiration for this collection was influenced by the classic and original detailing of old architecture and interiors found in the countryside to the North East of London. Parish of Lambourne is a rural area comprising of mostly farmland. The local church and “Lambourne Hall” date back to the 16th Century, and it was there that I saw a paneling detail that was so simple yet so appropriate to its surroundings. The result of this is “The Lambourne Collection” which is comprised of materials and color, and beautiful hardware. The hardware features a mix of large hammered hinges that remind me of hand forged metalwork from long ago, and faceted knobs.  The cabinetry features a simple step raised panel reminiscent of the one I saw in England, and feels traditional, yet fresh and current. It will look equally rich in a dark palette of charcoal or deep blue black, or fresh and spacious in a simple white. The collection also features some ancient oak accents that are trimmed in a pinstripe metal edge. These ancient oak accents provide texture and bring attention to the detail of the design, and collectively this makes for a very layered and rich design.