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Designer Tips To Refresh Your Entryway Or Mudroom
July 2019

They say first impressions are everything, so if you want to elevate your home, it’s best to start with your entryway. Trends in entryway design have really evolved in recent years according to interior designer Christopher Peacock, “Formal entryways are less and less important it seems, and whilst many homes have the obligatory center hall table and flower arrangement, we see a much greater emphasis being put on practical and informal decoration of the informal areas of the home.”

Tips for Turning Your Home Into a Show House
July 2019

From securing the right kind of insurance to relocating during the renovation, here’s everything you need to know

An Opulent, Eclectic Estate In Coral Gables Gets A Refresh
July 2019

Like a meticulous collector, designer Hillary Littlejohn Scurtis takes a curatorial approach to her work. “I am very disciplined, and I don’t like random objects that have no narrative,” she says. “If something doesn’t speak to the function of the room, I take it out.”