The KIPS BAY Boys and Girls Club of NY

We have enjoyed a long relationship with the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club of NY. Christopher credits his early success to being chosen to participate in the famous decorator show house which is held annually in NYC. Now a board member, Christopher has committed to creating a fully functioning training kitchen for the club community to learn about food, nutrition, and preparing and cooking healthy meals. The kitchen will provide work stations, fully functioning appliances, and is designed to host professional chef’s who volunteer their time to teach the classes. A rooftop organic garden is also being designed to create a “farm to table” learning experience in the heart of the Bronx, NY. Christopher cannot take full credit for this new venture, he is helped by several board members who are also committing time and the funds needed to bring this exciting project to life.


Most recently, in May 2019 Christopher was once again asked to participate in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House.


Kitchen designer Christopher Peacock wanted to bring all of those memories and more out through his luxurious space at the 2019 Kips Bay Decorator Show House in New York City. The Connecticut-based designer overhauled a dated space to create magic for this year’s showcase, his seventh time at the annual charity event in a span of 20 years.


There’s something about a great kitchen that instantly transports you back to the home you grew up in. Even though the appliances are all high-tech now, and you need tons more room to stash your cooking gadgets and gizmos, kitchens can remind you of the family dinners and holiday parties of your youth.

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